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Another World AIDS Day

Every year I write about World AIDS Day and every year it is the least read blog post I write for the year.

Yet I keep writing them. I guess I keep writing them so that the world doesn’t forget about amazing people like my dear friend Felix Godinez who lost his battle against HIV/AIDS, along with 43,000+ others, in 1992.

If you are any type of activist, especially if you are an activist for the liberation of anyone, HIV/AIDS is an important issue. Even if you don’t know anyone who battled HIV/AIDS, it effects you.

If you work against poverty, racism, prejudice, white supremacy, bigotry and/or hate, HIV/AIDS is an important issue for you. If you work towards total liberation, HIV/AIDS is an important issue for you.

Last year just over 1,000,000 people died due to HIV?AIDS related causes. “Getting to Zero”, one of the themes this year, will take work from all of our communities.

Thanks for reading.

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