The Gay Vegans

Monrovia, CA

Monrovia is our home and here we hope to offer you some of our favorite places to eat and to play. Monrovia is about 35 minutes NW of downtown LA and 15 minutes east of Pasadena.



Monrovia has some great vegan options and in the almost five years we have been here we have noticed that the vegan options just keep getting better and better. Hart House has their second location here, an all-vegan fast food spot. They even have milkshakes! They are on Huntington in front of the Trader Joe’s strip mall. Grey & Cash offers jack fruit and tofu breakfast burritos. I love them! The tofu burritos are my favorite! They also have bagels with cashew cream cheese and wonderful coffee selections. Other vegan options can be found at Mahan Indian, 38 degrees, Thai Divine Bistro and Bella Sera. All of these spots are on S. Myrtle. Just east of S. Myrtle at 109 E. Lemon is The Diplomat. I love their hummus, grape leaves and the potato boreg! They offer some of these on their happy hour food menu. Saigon is on Lemon just east of Myrtle and has a whole bunch of vegan/veg options. We love their Pho. Vegan donuts! AM Donut Yogurt at the NW corner of Huntington and Magnolia has a whole, separate vegan donut selection. And yes, we have sampled many of them for you! Delish!


If you like ramen, we LOVE Dashiwa Ramen in Arcadia. Their vegan ramen is packed with flavor! Young’s Gourmet, is our favorite Chinese spot and are in Duarte. A little further east, in Azusa, is one of our favorites, The Taco Man. They’re in a strip mall at 310 N. Citrus. They are always adding more delish vegan items and you may even catch their vegan pozole! A little further east in Glendora is Papa’s Pizza Pie on Grand south of the 210. For a fee they will deliver to Monrovia and it sure is worth it. They have all of the vegan meats and cheese, and homemade chocolate cake

Every Friday night there is the Monrovia Street Fair on S. Myrtle. It goes form 5pm – 10pm and there are always vegan options.


In Pasadena there is Real Food Daily, Sage and Veggie Grill. And Millie’s, one of our new favorites! They serve breakfast and lunch, and have a separate vegan menu. Plus milkshakes! (see restaurant review)


Our favorite beach is Zuma Beach in Malibu. Northwest of Santa Monica and plenty of space to play, swim and surf


LA is the vegan capital of the world in my opinion. So many amazing options. We have definitely eaten our way around town. I think a great place to start is Gracias Madre in West Hollywood (and a new location in Newport Beach!) and Shojin which has locations in Little Tokyo (downtown LA) and Culver City.


We both have a huge sweet tooth and within a few days of living here found Donut Friend. Oh my. Almost every donut is vegan and they are delicious. So much creativity with flavors and the selection is endless. They are located in the Highland Park area of LA and definitely worth a stop. Closed on Mondays. Click here for more information. There is a newer location in downtown LA. Also in Highland Park is one of our favorite breakfast spots, Kitchen Mouse! They’re at 5904 N. Figueroa St.


One of my favorite places to eat is at Stuff I Eat in Inglewood. Babette is amazing, and while you order I highly recommend adding to it whatever they are offering at the counter as a special, usually a scrumptious dessert!



Traffic. We are used to it. You really have to plan around it. If a restaurant is five miles away it may or may not take you 30+ minutes to get there!


Beaches, mountains, valleys. There is so much to do here. Pace yourself. And when looking at weather keep in mind that weather breaks down to these three areas.


Los Angeles is a vegan mecca. There are also plenty of places to hike, swim and work out so you can keep up with the eating.

These are the political districts we are part of:

California’s 41st State Assembly district (Chris Holden is our current state rep)

California’s 25th State Senate district (Anthony Portantino is our current state senator)

California’s 32nd Congressional district (Grace Napolitano is our current US Congresswoman)