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Two Interesting Congressional Races in Southern California

These two races have had me thinking a lot about the elections coming up this year.

For us, the election is closer as our primary is March 5th and there will be a lot on the ballot.

The two races are in CA Congressional districts 31 and 28.

Both seats are safe Democratic seats.

We live int he 31st and are neighbors to the 28th.

Our congresswoman, Grace Napolitano, is retiring. There is a long list of Dems wanting her seat, including former Monrovia mayor Mary Ann Lutz, State Senator Susan Rubio, attorney Greg Hafif, State Senator Bob Archuleta, and, a former Congressman from another district, Gil Cisneros.

This one is interesting because Gil Cisneros lost his seat in 2020 and is not running for that seat. Why would such a well-funded Democrat run for a safe Dem seat when he could take on the person he lost to and re-take a seat for the Dems? He has also run a spectacularly negative campaign, with most of his attcks going twoards State Senator Susan Rubio.

Over in the 28th Arcadia mayor is taking on Congresswoman Judy Chu. When I heard April Verlato was running, even though I love Judy Chu, I thought it was good for Dems to run primaries. But then I saw she is running as a Republican, which shocked me.

I don’t know April well, but I have met her. And many friends love her. It baffles me that she is part of a party that is anti-women, anti-gay, anti-healthcare, anti-immigrant, and supports the former President. If the Republicans keep the house and she wins the seat (doubtful), her boss in the House would be one of the most anti-gay, anti-women people in congress.

I mean for goodness sake her party believes government should control women, should have the final say and what a woman can do for her own health and healthcare. Most in her party are at war with women.

I don’t know what her personal thoughts are on these issues, and I don’t think they matter if she’s running as a Republican. If she is in a House that is Republican led, she will have to vote as her party tells her how to vote.

I know there are lovers of the former President here in southern California, and I know there are people here who are supportive of all of the things I have mentioned above. But the fewer of them elected to any political office, the better.

Two taekaways here: First, vote. Second, check out the candidates. It’s great when you have several to choose from; it’s important not to take what ads and mailers say and find out for yourself before you decide who to support.

Thanks very much for reading.

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  1. Dan-thanks for this article. I am President of League of Women Voters Mt.Baldy Area and I have had similar thoughts, except I know Judy Chu and so likely to vote for her

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