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Vote Against Candidates Whose Only Platform is to Slam Trans People

I saw a sign for someone running for our state senate seat that I hadn’t seen before.

I checked them out.

Their name is new to me. Are they a Democrat?

I read an interview they did and immediately realized they were on of them.

You know the type. Our policics are filled with them. All they really talk about is their disdain for trans people. They may cover it up in some type of “parental rights” or “protect our kids” garbage, but they are really just not fond of trans people.

And to say that they are not fond of them is doing them a favor. Their hate is clear.

If the main problem you have with your opponent is their support of trans kids and trans people, then you are a problem.

Give me a break.

Our kids are in danger, but not from trans people. Or gay people. They are in danger from guns and from people in power who take advantge of them, people who are overwhelmingly heterosexual. Many of these people are in the religious field. Some are in law enforcement. If you’d like to see stories that cover these types of things, check out the feed on X under #notadragqueen.

And to repeat, the cases of children harmed by anyone in the LGBTQ communities is close to zero percent.

Keeping schools safe for trans kids does not affect the parental rights of anyone.

Can’t we agree to do our best to keep all kids safe?

I have never understood why anyone is so full of dislike or hatred towards trans people that they spend any of their time telling others about it, or telling others why they should also not like trans people.

Can we simply treat each other with kindness? Or just leave people we don’t care for alone?

For those of us who try to be kind to all, who support the rights and lives of those in the LGBTQ communities, please do not vote for candidates who use us as campaign fodder.

And spread the word!

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