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Big love to Mexico City and beyond

This post is specifically to the people of Mexico affected by the earthquake. I have had a love for Mexico and her people almost all of my life. That love catapulted yesterday as I watched hundreds of people, probably thousands, leave their homes and jobs to stand in line to volunteer to help search for people trapped in the earthquake.

I was heartbroken watching the news. There was a point I was in tears while watching a woman wait near a collapsed building as she waited and waited for word on her son who was missing. My tears continued as I heard story after story of death and destruction, combined with stories of people who got out in time and others who were there to help.

Then today I saw a news program that covered more about everyone wanting to volunteer. They just wanted to help. Lines and lines of them.

With so many people like that in this world, perhaps we are not inevitably screwed. My broken heart began to heal after watching these stories.

We have already donated to Topos in Mexico, a nonprofit rescue brigade made up of volunteers that was created after a 1985 earthquake. . Click here if you would like to donate as well.

Thank you for reading.

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