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Did Brexit wake you up? Vote in November!

The simple fact is that this week more people in Great Britain voted for the Brexit, to leave the European Union, than to remain. Last count I saw was about one million more voted to leave over those who voted to remain.

There is now a lot of news about so many not voting, about petitions to have another vote and how some did not understand the ramifications or even what the EU is. It’s too late for all of that.

Sometimes I might sound like a broken record. Vote. I write about it and talk about it a lot. Regardless of what your activism and passion includes, give voice to it by voting.

One thing I have learned in moving to California is that if you have moved since the last election and you “think” you are registered, be sure to double check. Most counties have a website that you can plug your information in and check. We thought we registered when getting our driver’s licenses but that did not happen and I am so glad we checked and were able to vote in the primary this month.

If you need information on candidates and even on who represents you now at the local, state and national levels, click here for Vote Smart’s website and a treasure of information on current office holders and candidates. While considering who to vote for, especially in local and state elections, you can typically find candidates on Facebook and Twitter and engage with them about your concerns and issues important to you. I also find debates to be helpful, usually hanging out afterwards to converse with candidates.

The main thing is to vote. There is so much at stake, and I truly believe we have the power to to support issues important to us and to be a voice for the voiceless by voting.

Thanks very much for reading!

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