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Elections are coming. Vote!

Elections are coming.


No doubt the biggest election coming up is your presidential state primary or caucus. Unless you’re in Iowa or New Hampshire, your primary or caucus could be as soon as this weekend! Ours here in California is March 3rd, along with a big city election in our town of 40,000 or so which includes mayor and two city council seats.


Local elections count. Regardless of where you live, local politics affect you and you can (and I think you should) play a role in them. Find out about the candidates and see who most aligns with your thoughts, beliefs and passions. Find our who represents you in your state legislature and senate, and if they are up for election consider supporting them or their opponents.


Vote. Vote as if your life and your rights depend on it. Vote as if people you love will be worse off or better off .


Don’t let the presidential election news take away from other elections. Don’t let your thoughts on a candidate running for president be the only thoughts you have on elections this year. The US Senate has the power to halt the radical judges being given life-long jobs by the president and there are real opportunities to flip Senate seats in several states. Voters turned out in droves last November in Virginia and Democrats now control the state house and senate! So much good can happen when we vote in droves! And we need to vote in numbers that will blow those opposed to us and who support or are complicit with the current administration away. It’s possible.


We are both very much looking forward to voting on March 3rd. We’ll walk to the polling station before Mike goes to work and during the day I’ll stand at a corner holding the sign of the person I want to win for mayor. It’s all very exciting to me.


Please vote. So much depends on it.


Thanks for reading!

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