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Fighting animal agriculture

As a vegan who is vegan for the animals, I have disliked the meat and dairy industries for years. And of course there is no love loss from them to me either, as these industries fight hard against any person or organization that might affect their profit.

It all boils down to profit. That has become evident as we see these industries invest in vegan companies. If you enjoy a long list of vegan products in your home, chances are one or more of them comes from a company now owned by a meat, dairy, or pharmaceutical company.


This can be debated back and forth on whether or not this is good for the animals. It definitely doesn’t feel good, but I’ll save the debate for another day (and there are products in this category that we still buy). The point I would like to make here, and one that is not news for many of you but is always a great reminder, is that if you are vegan, you are having an adverse affect on animal agriculture. Please see my last post with more about this. In our recent 4,000+ mile road trip, we saw evidence of this all over the place.

Just by being vegan. If you engage in animal rights activism, plan vegan meetups or simply bring delish vegan treats to the office, you are doing even more. Combined, all of this fights animal agriculture and affects their bottom line. This is what is so important to me these days: doing all I can to ensure their days are numbered.

They are super powerful. They have the backing of the United States government. They have an endless supply of money, lawyers and people who look at animals as product, thus never an issue with animal cruelty. Evidence of this is seen frequently in the news, like this past week when the federal government announced it was cracking down on the term “milk” for plant-based beverages. Are they doing this to protect people, or to enrich the lives of people. No, and yes. Yes to enriching the lives of those who profit in animal agriculture. That’s what this is all about.

And it’s happening because those who profit in animal agriculture are scared. They are watching their industries lose money, and certainly not profit as much as they used to. They are so scared that they are investing in profitable vegan companies, because after all making money is what it is all about for them.

Together we can ensure that they make a little less money, and that fewer animals are killed, tortured and inhumanely treated for a buck.

Thanks for reading.

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