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Get politically involved

This post will be no surprise to those of you who have read just even a few of my posts over the years.

One cannot pay attention to any news source without getting a big dose of what the President-elect is up to, especially in regards to nominees. My personal thoughts range from wanting to chuckle to thinking that this particular person will never be voted in by the Senate. I will definitely be writing whichever Senator I can to ask them to vote against several folks who have been nominated.

After the US Senate election in Louisiana on December 10th, we will have to deal with what we have: 48, possibly 49 Senators on the Dems side. This means three or two votes will be need from the Republican side to block a nomination.

Not impossible.

Meanwhile, there is work that can be done as elections for 2017 and 2018 start making way.

Congressional redistricting is a state issue. So are a bunch of other things that affect us every day. Positive change can begin in the governorships (map above is of those upcoming races) and state houses. Republicans have done a lot of damage in areas people like me care about because they have had unyielding power in the states.

We will in California where this is not an issue, and we can still help.Our neighbor Nevada will be having a governor’s election. My state of birth Michigan will also be electing a new governor. I will most likely spend time supporting campaigns in those states.

You might be thinking things like “I am too busy for this”, “they are all crooks anyway so it doesn’t matter” and/or “anything I do really won’t make a difference”. I get it. We’re all busy. Some of our lives won’t change with the new President. For me it’s about the lives of those who will be deeply effected with the new administration.

I can certainly make time to support those folks.

There will be awesome candidates to support, at least somewhere.

One person taking action and becoming active does indeed make a difference.

If any of this is of interest to you go ahead and Google “2017 or 2018 “your state” elections”. Or something like that.Find out who is wanting to have power in your state, and then decide whether or not you want to support them or those opposing them. Then get active.

Thank you for reading!

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