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Resistance and Obstruction

There have been enough thoughts expressed about the Presidential election results here in the US. I of course have my own opinions, and while thinking about how I would approach my first blog post since the election I decided to write about what I and we can do today rather than writing about who I wish had voted or had done more. The words that come to me are resistance and obstruction.

I have laughed almost out loud when watching the news or reading articles online which say that some Republicans are telling people to support the will of the people, to support the new President and his new government. I laugh because for the past eight years Republicans have done everything they can to obstruct President Obama, and they have done so without any concern for the country. Now they want us to be quiet and to fall in line.

No thank you.

Before I suggest some action items, I’d like to say that I know some readers voted for Trump/Pence. We may disagree on many things yet I would also add that we have more in common than not. I hope you continue to read my blog and please know that I am always open to having a discussion of our views.

I have written my Congresswoman as well as my state legislatures asking them to obstruct the new President in any way they can. Of course state legislators have less power, yet I want them to know how I feel about all of this. I want them to stand up to the new President, and even more, I want them to stand up against his new cabinet, his Vice President, his government and his policies. I want them to remember who they represent and that there will most likely be many fights to come.

The Republicans will soon have a ton of power. They have had that same power in the recent past. I am much more concerned about this go around than when it last occurred that they had the Presidency, the House and the Senate. First is the US Supreme Court. A conservative court, especially a socially conservative court, could destroy women’s rights and LGBTQ rights. Immigration and the environment could also be hugely effected. I am concerned about the environment as most connected to the new President don’t believe in or don’t care about climate change.

Our electeds can do their best to fight and obstruct, and we must do the same. We must take action, and from my viewpoint, we must take non-violent action. I am totally opposed to violence in any form, and will speak out against violence and refuse to allow those using violence to speak in my name. I have already seen violence in the past few days and it sure bums me out. Violence weakens us.

There are many actions we can take now. We can start today. Some of these are actions I have consistently put out there and others are ones I have liked that I’ve read this week:

Speak out against any racism, sexism, anti-LGBTQ, anti immigrant, etc. actions that you see. It might not be comfortable, but we must speak out against it. The owner of Walnut Cafe in Boulder, CO spoke out against a diner who had referred to those preparing her meal as “the Mexicans” and the woman who said the cruel words apologized to the staff. We must speak out against these terrible things happening in every community.

Find out who represents you in your state house and in Congress. Communicate with them your opinions on everything that is important to you. For your electeds in Congress, tell them to obstruct President Trumps actions in every way they can.

I am a Democrat. If you are also a Democrat, please write the DNC and tell them that they must clean house. They must become ethical and become an organization for the people, not for other Democrats in power.

Engage with those who might disagree with you. Be kind. If we keep yelling at each other nothing will change. I am certain that many people are open to honest conversation.

Donate to groups that will be fighting this new administration, like Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. There are many more of course, but you get what I’m saying.

Love and nurture your communities. We all need this. We are much stronger together and there are many in our communities who are going through a lot right now. Be there for them.

Get out of ourselves. I spent time on skid row in downtown LA on Wednesday. It’s a weekly action for me but this time in particular was huge for me. Being of service to others helps them and you! It’s also how we should be anyway.

When speaking out against Trump, Pence are anyone they end up bringing into their government, use facts and not emotion. Our fight needs facts.

Finally, for now, get to know your electeds and get active politically where you live. It will make a difference come the next election.

Whew. More to come. I have already done most of what I wrote here. I haven’t encountered any person or group being attacked, but I am ready to support if/when that occurs.

This post has ended up being my longest ever. If you made it to the end, thank you. Together we can make sure that our communities stay safe in the next few years and that those things important to us are kept in the spotlight.

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Gay and vegan in the burbs (of Los Angeles). I blog about veganism, equality, compassion, activism, politics, spirituality, and our awesome life experiences. The "s" includes my husband, Mike! I want this blog to be a tool to build bridges among communities and to inspire people to get involved and vote.


  1. Amey Mathews says:

    Oh Dan, thank you so much for this amazing post. I’ve definitely been in my feelings all week, and now I am ready to move into action. I am so honored to know you. <3

  2. Valerie Traina says:

    I agree with you, Dan. I said as much in a post on my wall. I will not accept any government that harms people. And this forthcoming government has promised to hurt a great number of us in one way or another. The electorate needs to educate itself and then take appropriate action.

  3. Todd C says:

    Thank you for this

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