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Still vegan – 27 years

Just like that I have been vegan for 27 years.

Still vegan for the animals. Still vegan because I believe that compassion and love for animals begins at my plate.

Every day I try to do as little harm as possible.

I’m still vegan because whether or not I liked meat is irrelevant; that my taste buds do not trump the life of another living being.

I’m still vegan because animals do not want to die. They do not want to be tortured. They do not want to live in fear.

And I’m still vegan because I do not need anything from animal products to thrive and be as healthy as possible.

Lastly, at least for now, I’m still vegan because vegan food, or food as we call it, is delicious. So many options, so much creativity. I love to eat and being vegan makes eating much more pleasurable.

I started this blog in 2009 (I think?!) to share our adventures as well as encourage people to go vegan.

If you’re not vegan and are considering it, feel free to check out our page “Helpful websites and blogs”.


About Dan Hanley

Gay and vegan in the burbs (of Los Angeles). I blog about veganism, equality, compassion, activism, politics, spirituality, and our awesome life experiences. The "s" includes my husband, Mike! I want this blog to be a tool to build bridges among communities and to inspire people to get involved and vote.

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  1. Christine says:

    you’re the best Dan, love the beard XO

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