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Take a hike!

Like literally, take a hike.

I’m in Arizona for work and to visit friends and found Picacho State Park on my way into Tucson.

Holy cow!

The trail I decided to hike, Sunset Vista, is five miles round trip, with the first two miles in average difficulty. Then comes the point that you go almost straight up to the top.

This hike was just what I needed. I saw three other people and one dog along the way, and I enjoyed every minute of the hike.

I highly recommend taking some time here if you’re ever in the area.

And I also highly recommend taking a hike. Hiking is awesome as part of my fitness plan, as well as my self-care/mental helath wellness. I love hikes, whether I’m on my own or with Mike or friends.

And after a great hike, time to eat!

What’s your favorite hike?

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