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Vote, and vote in every race

Nothing new here.

I’m encouraging you to vote. If you can vote now, do it. Once you’ve voted encourage others to do the same.

I love voting on election day. I’ve done it almost every chance I get. Yet this time I dropped of my ballot in a ballot box for mail-in ballots. Mike and I went over all of the races, propositions and judges, made our decisions, filled out our ballots, then walked over to our town library where the ballot box is.

Two more votes in, of over four million as of this writing.

I voted for Joe Biden for President. I have many reasons why, and am happy to discuss my decision. Better yet, if you have not yet decided who you want to vote for, let’s talk!

But this post is about more than the Presidential race. I’m asking you to vote in every category you can. Don’t know about something? Look it up. Tired of so many judges? Vote for one in each area. Definitely vote in your local school board category.

Many reasons why, mainly because your vote matters. The further down the ballot your vote could matter even more. Our current mayor won by 200 some votes. We all know the stories of candidates winning by a handful of votes. Plus, I’m sure if you spend a little time looking at the issue or the judge or the school board seat, you’ll realize that it’s important to you.

If you live in an area where who are always feeling like there is never a candidate that is rocking the issues you think are important, then consider running yourself.

Thank you for reading!


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