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Vote them out

Voting has begun around the country, and Mike and I are excited to go cast our ballots at an early voting station in LA later today.

As the daily news of Clinton vs. Trump makes the headlines, I have also been noticing articles about statements from Republicans in the House and Senate letting us know that they will eviscerate Hillary Clinton with investigations if she wins and that they are considering not filling the empty seat on the Supreme Court even after the election if she wins.

This from a Congress that has done nothing in the last four years. Seriously, nothing.

As a political junky, I look at political websites every morning to see what polls are saying in regards to the Presidential and US Senate races ( is my first look). It looks like there is a chance that the Democrats could take the Senate. The key states that don’t seem to be solid in one way or another are Nevada, Missouri, Florida, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. I’m not sure what House races look like, and often smile when thinking of the Democrats taking the House.

To be clear, I’m not a fan of every Democrat in US office. What I hope to express here is that I am done with Republicans in power who do nothing to address the issues that seriously affect our country and issues that could make life better for some in our country. Those in power have spent the last several years whining and complaining about the President while doing whatever they can to not accomplish anything.

This can all change. We can vote them out. Yes, we. I mean if we all do whatever we have time to do to support Democratic candidates in the states I listed above, and to share stories of what Republicans in power are saying about post-election governing.

Vote. Spread the word. Engage your fellow activists. Those in current power in the House and Senate do not give a shit about LGBTQ rights, especially trans rights, nor do they care about women’s rights, those living in poverty, homelessness, or the environment (can you say climate change?)

Thank you for reading!

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