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Angry? What can we do?

Social media posts from people I learn from in regards to racial justice and black liberation are sharing suggested actions for white accomplices/allies.


Shop at black-owned businesses.


Call your elected officials.


Elevate the work and voices of our black siblings.


Protect black protestors from being physically assaulted.


Donate to nonprofits working in racial justice and black liberation. I researched a few:


Reclaim the Block


Black Visions Collective


Community Coalition


Minnesota Freedom Fund


Equal Justice Initiative


I follow Ijeoma Oluo on Twitter. Constantly learning from her. I highly recommend her book “So you want to talk about race”. Ta-Nehisi Coates is another author I learn from. I don’t think he’s on Twitter but is on Instagram. His books I also recommend, like “Between the world and me”.


And from me, an idea that is not new coming from this blog, vote. Know the candidates and vote. Vote in national elections and local ones. City councils and school boards have so much power. If there is not a candidate that reflects your ideals, consider running for office yourself.


Thanks for reading.





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