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Finding Home in a Small Thai Restaurant

I always have the feeling of home when I’m here.

They say, or someone has said that home is where the heart is.

I have always felt that way with my husband and when with my friends who form my inner circle..

And I feel that way every time I visit our favorite local Thai restaurant, White Springs Cafe.

It’s so much more than the food.

We’re both vegan and are always on the lookout for more delicious vegan food. One day back in 2020, we discovered White Springs Cafe. They describe themselves as serving vegan and vegetarian Thai food, and most of their dishes are vegan.

And scrumptious.

We found White Springs at a time in the Los Angeles area when anti-Asian hate was spreading or at least being covered more in the news. Aside from delicious food and kind people, we wanted to support the Asian community as much as possible.

We kept going for delicious food and soon for more.

It’s how I feel when I am there, though, that fills my heart and soul. Everyone there, especially “mama,” welcomes us with pure love and joy.

I mostly go on my own when I make the short trek to hang out with them, and each one of the staff is now like family to me.

They have all shown me constant kindness and love and always make me feel like I am loved. It’s the most wonderful feeling.

Whether I am there on an afternoon to specifically hang out with them, or I have my laptop with me and am going to work from there for a bit, I always feel the love and kindness. It’s amazing.

Another bite of mama’s famous Pad Prik King.

And another sip of their delicious Thai tea, one of my favorites.

Sitting at the counter watching the world of White Springs Cafe, I am used to seeing so many customers being greeted with the same love, joy, and kindness that I experience when I enter.

A collective shouting of joy as a long-time customer returns from a trip. A college student who had been busy with studies is back after several weeks, and they are met with pure kindness.

Their smile tells it all.

I know that smile.

I see many people walk in and instantly change. Whatever is going on in their lives (and we all have something going on) is all of a sudden not as big as it was before they entered.

Perhaps they, like me, are home. They are going to get a meal that is good for their body and be treated in a way that is good for their soul.

Anti-Asian hate is still alive and well, although these days, the women at White Springs more often deal with misogyny and people experiencing mental health episodes. Every week there tends to be someone entering who wants to get in their way of providing delicious food served with unfathomable kindness.

All mama wants to do is feed people, feed them food that is good for them.

A mom and her son just walked in. The mom wants to introduce her son to the crew. Lots of waving and joyful yells.

You can feel the love. A heart cannot help but be filled here.

And home is where the heart is.

Go vegan. Vote. Be kind

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Gay and vegan in the burbs (of Los Angeles). I blog about veganism, equality, compassion, activism, politics, spirituality, and our awesome life experiences. The "s" includes my husband, Mike! I want this blog to be a tool to build bridges among communities and to inspire people to get involved and vote.

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