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So much going on in the world.

In my personal life, I am super swamped. I’m in the nonprofit fundraising world and December is a crazy (and wonderful) time. It’s also the time I like to share an awesome blog post, one to end the year with. I’m not sure this is that post, but after much thought about what I want to write about, it comes down to veganism.

Like I started out with, there is a lot going on in the world. I could write about climate change, poverty, homelessness, Yemen, Syria, human rights, the death of my dad, our new dog, my marriage, etc.

I chose to write about veganism, about going vegan. When I first started this blog, I thought anyone reading it would be vegan. That wasn’t the case then and still is not the case. I think that’s awesome, and I am always honored when someone takes the time to check out The Gay Vegans and maybe even read a post.

I decided to go vegan almost 23 years ago because I didn’t want to participate anymore in the killing and torture of animals, of living beings who did not want to die. My little part in living a way that matched how I believe: that I abhor cruelty towards animals. In my new thoughts on being vegan, I simply just wanted to live my compassion.

Going vegan does so much good. You’re not participating in the biggest animal cruelty, you’re leaving less of a footprint environmentally speaking, you’re supporting human rights and you’re doing your body good. I am not an expert in how veganism affects all of this, and I know in my personal journey all of this has been affected in a positive way because I decided to go vegan.

For some reading this going vegan may be the furthest thing from your mind. Like no way. You may think that you simply love cheese too much, or don’t have the time for such a drastic change in your life. The reality for me was that going vegan was super easy. I kept thinking about the why, and that’s all I needed. And today! Wow, it’s so much easier. So many more options at the grocery story, at restaurants and online. Any question you have is answered on the web. And it’s SO easy to find a vegan community, no matter where you live.

Here on this site I have a list of links to websites that I think can be super helpful. Check them out.

More to come. If you’re not vegan, I would be super stoked if you at least started to consider what a vegan you would look like!

Thanks so much for reading this!

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Gay and vegan in the burbs (of Los Angeles). I blog about veganism, equality, compassion, activism, politics, spirituality, and our awesome life experiences. The "s" includes my husband, Mike! I want this blog to be a tool to build bridges among communities and to inspire people to get involved and vote.