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One of my favorite tees. Purchased from Action for Animals.

Going Vegan (Part III)

If you don’t die and you stay vegan, you eventually end up having spent years of your life being vegan. This has been the case with me. Before I knew it, I had been vegan for 21 years and was about to turn 51.

Veganism has changed, or evolved, quite a bit since my early days of being vegan. And life changes. Two years ago Mike and I moved to the LA area, or the place I call the vegan capital of the world. If you want to blow your mind with vegan options, come to LA. Whether you are grocery shopping, in a vegan restaurant, or trying one of hundreds ethnic cuisine restaurants that offer incredibly tasty vegan dishes.

I am totally fortunate to have so many people who read this blog actually connect with me. I love that! Most do not live in the vegan capital of the world or have vegan options all over the place. Regardless of where you live, you can create a vegan community. It can start with something as simple as a neighborhood potluck where all dishes have to be vegan (or plant-based if that is easier to go with where you live). Mention your veganism on social media, and search for social media outlets in your area that include anything about veganism. Go to your favorite restaurant and ask if they’ll add more or better vegan options, or if they would consider doing a meatless Monday special every Monday.

There is honestly so much going on in regards to veganism. Google vegfest and your state and see what pops up. This might mean you going on a road trip but it could be a blast. If you live where there is a small, local paper, see if you can send in a favorite vegan recipe that might draw others in your area to your new community. Host a potluck. Go to a local run or race and wear your favorite vegan tee. The ideas are endless.

Lastly, be kind to one another. I say this a lot. Everyone is on their own path and that is totally evident in the vegan community.

By the way, the photo is of me in one of my favorite tees. Purchased from Action for Animals.

Thanks for reading!

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