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Have you been to Wolfie’s?

Mike and I had some free time over the holidays and decided to make a trip to one of our favorites, Donut Friend, in Highland Park. After expressing our love to the staff and leaving with a nice supply of deliciousness, we looked on our phones for a close vegan spot.

Wolfie’s pulled up as having vegan options, which was awesome because they were less than a block away. We walked over and walked into a space that has a food truck and an order area at the end. Once you walk in you see their bar area off to the left. We walked up to the order area and I didn’t see any vegan options on the menu.

I asked, and their wonderful staffer replied to me that they are 100% plant based! I did a quick happy dance.

We ordered, and then went out back to the spacious patio area. I love it back there. Very clean. Plenty of room. And perfect to enjoy the awesome weather. Soon we were eating delicious chikn sandwiches. Since finding Wolfie’s we have tried the Nashiville, Korean and Bourbon sandwiches. We both ordered our sandwiches “mild”, the least hot of four choices. My favorite so far is the Bourbon, even though I’ve enjoyed all of them.

We love Wolfie’s! Keep in mind that they get busy, and the same person taking orders is delivering food.

If you’re anywhere in the Los Angeles area, I highly recommend a visit. The food offerings are delicious, the staff is welcoming and kind, the eating area is clean and the location is great.

If you do go, let me know what you ordered! And if you’ve been, I’d love to know what your favorite sandwich is!

You can find more information, or take a look at their menu, here.

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  1. Lisa Wilson says:

    Let’s go! I think the Nashville is for me! (Is this in the space where the wunderbar German vegan restaurant was?)

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