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My favorite breakfast recipe

Pancakes. My favorite breakfast recipe is for pancakes, and the recipe is from cookbook author and restaurant owner Isa Chandra Moskowitz. It’s her Puffy Pillow Pancakes!

This won’t be a surprise for those of you connected with us on social media, or who have spent time on our website. Under our “Helpful websites & blogs” page this recipe is at the top of the list!

I made these yesterday and they are typically part of our breakfasts several times a month. Sometimes I add blueberries or bananas.

This is one of those recipes that taught me to really read the recipe. It’s important to let the batter set, and to have the pan warmed up.

If you want gluten-free pancakes, I have tried this recipe with other flours and, although the texture is different, they still come out delish.

They are super easy to make. They also warm up well as leftovers.

A hearty breakfast for us includes these pancakes, some Beyond Meat spicy breakfast sausages and hash browns. Mmmmm.

In the photo, Suga makes an appearance. She LOVED these pancakes!

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