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Primary day: Kathryn Barger for Board of Supervisors

The California primary is Tuesday, June 7th. I am stoked to vote for the first time in our new home. Voting is huge for me. As I have written in many blog posts, it’s my chance to be a voice for the issues important to me and to start a dialogue around those issues. It’s another way of being a voice for the voiceless. It’s also an opportunity for me to speak out against those I disagree with or those who are against ideas that are important to me.

Before I start, I want to make sure folks coming to California to live like we did know about this. When you go to get your drivers license and register your car, they tell you that you are automatically registered to vote. At least that was our understanding. That did not happen. When checking our registration status I saw neither one of us were actually registered, so we registered online. A good reminder that we need to make sure we are good to go to vote before going to vote. If you live in LA County and want to check to make sure you are registered, click here.

The ballot here is crazy. It’s way more than just the Presidential primary. I commend anyone who knows all of the issues and candidates. I have worked hard at it and still feel unprepared.


The biggest local election contest on primary day in our area is the Los Angeles County Supervisor race. We are in District 5, one of five districts, and our current Supervisor is leaving office and running for state senator. Several people are running to replace him. I went to a debate and have done research on all of the candidates. Today I decided that I will vote for Kathryn Barger, who has been the Chief Deputy Supervisor in our district for the past 15 years. She undoubtedly knows the district very well and knows the issues of those who live here. I believe she actually gives a crap about those who live here. She has been endorsed by several Democrats and I haven’t found anything about her that makes me uncomfortable. She is a Republican and this will be the first time in a long time that I will be voting for a Republican. After a lot of time looking at all of the candidates, I believe she is the person to best represent Mike and I. She will have huge responsibilities, and I look forward to having her as our next Supervisor.

I wish I knew more about Prop 50. With a quick read, it’s about punishing legislators who have broken the law or acted unethically. But the against side it’s not enough, even calling Prop 50 a scam.

There are over a couple of dozen folks running for U.S. Senate. The top two vote-getters on primary day will go up against each other in November.

If you live in California I would love to hear about your thoughts on voting here.

Thank you for reading!

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