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Restaurant review: Millie’s!


That’s what I thought the first time I went to Millie’s. I was meeting a client for breakfast, unplanned as the coffee house we were going to meet at didn’t work out. “I think they do” replied my client when I asked about vegan options, which usually means oatmeal or potatoes.

Indeed they do have vegan options. An entire vegan menu filled with scrambles with vegan egg or tofu of all types, benedicts, pancakes, waffles, French toast and…. milkshakes! My favorites are the bendicts (with grilled tofu or vegan egg), the Angela’s mess (like a scramble) and of course the milkshakes.

Since that first day I have been to Millie’s a dozen plus times. Whether it’s with Mike, friends, or clients, it’s always been perfect. By perfect I mean the food has been delicious and the service has been outstanding.

Every server and staff member has always been superb. Hospitality rocks here. Water and coffees are always full. The staff know the menu and know what to recommend.

And spotless rest rooms.

Millie’s has two locations, I’ve only been to the Pasadena location.

They are great for breakfast or lunch, for a meeting or a group outing.

I highly recommend them!

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