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Restaurant review: Ubuntu in Los Angeles

Every once in a while we walk into a place that just feels like the perfect spot.

We felt that way the first time we walked into Ubuntu in Los Angeles.

It helped that the host gave us the most gracious welcome. Perfect way to begin our experience at Ubuntu.

Then our waiter gave us an equal welcome, and before we knew it we were salivating over the menu and Mike was enjoying his cocktail.

The menu features dishes inspired by West-African cuisine, and after two meals here we have several to recommend.

Our favorite is the Maafe (pictured above). Oh my goodness, every bite was filled with flavor, texture, and whole foods. I have described this dish as scrumptious and one of my favorites in LA. It’s like a peanut stew.

We also love the Charred Okra Salad. I had never had okra prepared this way and I love it. And the passionfruit dressing at the bottom of the bowl is a great surprise.

Charred Okra Salad

We also enjoyed the Grilled Cabbage and the Fonio Grits.

Grilled Cabbage

Of course we had to try dessert both times, and both were delicious and a great finish to the meal. The Puff Puff Bread is perfect, as was the chocolate ice cream, truffle-like dessert we tried which I don’t think is on the online menu.

We wish there was more time in between the serving of the dishes, something we will bring up next time so we can enjoy dishes one or two at a time.

We sat inside both visits. The entire restaurant is beautiful, and the outside patio looks inviting. Heaters are placed outside to keep guests warm on those chilly LA evenings.

The price is on the high end, for us. Ubuntu is not a place we can frequent. It’s a wonderful treat, perfect for date night or a night out with people you love (or deeply care for). It is absolutely worth it.

Restroom was spic and span clean. Big deal for me, and always a great sign for a restaurant.

Highly recommend Ubuntu. Let me know what you think! If you would like to see the whole menu or make a reservation their website is

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