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Shout out to Toronto Pig Save

The videos always strike me. Animals headed for slaughter in a truck are seen exhausted, overheated, with big eyes. Some show fear, others enjoy a drop of water or a loving scratch. Within hours all of the pigs will be slaughtered and on their way to becoming bacon.

I’m very grateful to those with Toronto Pig Save, whom I learned about on Instagram, for what they do. Actions of not only compassion but of being a voice for sentient beings on their way to slaughter.

This week, their co-founder, Anita Krajnc, went to court after being charged with criminal mischief for giving condemned pigs water. Apparently it is legal in Canada to deny animals headed to slaughter food and water for 36 hours.

Anita’s trial started this past week. The best report I could find about the trial is here. I am unsure of the result. Nonetheless, please check out Toronto Pig Save and support them in any way you can. That could mean spreading the word of their work all the way to making a donation to support what they do.

Compassion. That’s what this is all about for me.

Thanks for reading!

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