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Stay safe my LGBTQ siblings

Although I am used to violence against those in the LGBTQ community, especially against our trans siblings, the video I watched the other day made me more concerned for our community.

In it, an apparently known right wing religious extremist shared that he was letting Target stores in the Phoenix area know that he was coming for them during June’s pride month. Later in the video he let us in the LGBTQ community know that he was also coming for us. His co-hort in the video added, “Christ wins, LGBT loses”.

So many thoughts about this video.

Although I have felt a little safer since the past president and his team of bigots left power, I’m fully aware that danger exists for LGBTQ people. This guy has no problem, or concern of law enforcement, with threatening us, or those who may support us. He apparently has had other issues with Target in the past. He also shares connections with well known Republican poltiicans that support bigotry and white supremacy.

With this post I only want to say to stay safe my beautiful siblings. The world is full of hate and bigots who perpetuate this hate. They mean us harm. We have to believe them when they threaten us.

We all can take actions to make our communities safer.

Thanks for reading.


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