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The most delicious food I had in 2020

First, anything my husband made!

And a very distant second is…

Let me first say that this post is really about one dish/food item. I apologize if the title led you to believe there would be a list. I tried to write a title that wouldn’t be a tease for more.

And the most delicious food I had in 2020 was just last week. In Tijuana, Mexico. You may know I volunteer there frequently, doing border refugee and asylum work. With that physically and emotionally draining work, one has to eat, and I eat very well in Tijuana.

This trip I finally got to Soy Veggie. Off the beaten path, not around downtown. Well worth the 15 minutes or so driving to get there from downtown.

This dish blew me away. It’s their Pambazo, a Mexican dish which is bread stuffed with sausage and potatoes. Soy Veggie’s vegan version has their own house-made soyrizo. The bread is dipped in a super-delish red guajillo sauce. They add a crema and let you add other salsas, one of which is a red sauce that is not too spicy but adds flavor. I couldn’t believe it when I first bit in. So many delicious flavors all at once.

If you are ever in Tijuana, you must try this. And in case you don’t know me, I hardly ever say that.

A bonus to this is that the owners are super sweet, kind and hospitable. And… they have other delish dishes.

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