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The war against Bangladeshi bloggers

With Bangladesh in the news due to the horrific terrorist attack, I wanted to take a moment to write about the terrorist campaign against bloggers in Bangladesh.

Rajib Haider, Nazimuddin Samad and Abhijit Roy are just three of many bloggers, including gay rights activist Xulhaz Mannan and Mahbub Tonoy, who have been murdered just in the last couple of years. Manna and Tonoy were just murdered this past May. Roy advocated for free expression in Bangladesh and wrote against government censorship and imprisonment of atheist bloggers. As a blogger, it’s important to me to support bloggers everywhere, especially those who don’t live in privilege like I do, a privilege that includes physical safety while being able to write what I write. Yes, the gay bashing occurs, the religious extremists that are responsible for the killing of bloggers in Bangladesh are present everywhere, from every religion. I often get anti-gay notes on social media, and I have never feared for my life while reading them.

I would be grateful if you took a minute to learn about these amazing, courageous people who continued to write blog posts knowing they were in danger. All while living in a country where even government leaders do not speak against their deaths, yet speak against the writings that caused the murders! Statements against bloggers have come because they are atheist, gay, or are writing about thoughts contrary to what good religious Muslims should be reading in Bangladesh.

Protests occur, like the one pictured in my blog cover. And then another murder occurs. Then international news crews descend on Dhaka, the capital city, when terrorists slaughter people enjoying an evening out.

Although one day I will write more about this, it’s difficult now to take the time needed in finding out how many bloggers, journalists and activists have been murdered around the world just in the last month. Let alone how many are in jail and being tortured.

Meanwhile, this blogger will continue to try to be a voice for those whose voice was savagely and brutally taken, and to freely write about issues important to me and those in my communities.

Here’s to bloggers everywhere. Whether writing about food or justice or liberation.

Thank you for reading.

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