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Vegans, animal rights, and #GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday is Tuesday, November 30th. It’s basically a chance to promote donating to nonprofits after T-day, Black Friday, Small business Saturday and Cyber Monday. With all of that eating and spending, surely there has to be room for your favorite nonprofit.

By the way, your favorite nonprofit still needs you!

We have a few favorite nonprofits that we have supported recently, whose impact reflects our values around animal rights, the environment, wildlife and veganism.

Lady Freethinker  is a social media impact giant in the animal rights world. They create impact by shining the light on animal abuse and cruelty while getting supporters to sign online petitions. And it works. They currently are involved in a lawsuit against YouTube to get them to stop all forms of animal cruelty videos shared on their site.

Southern Plains Land Trust buys land. It’s that simple. They purchase land in southeast Colorado and keep it as a trust so it stays, land. Prairie to be more specific. They also purchase land and return it to the prairie. We have been donating to them for many years and love participating in purchasing land that will be kept wild forever.

Animal Help Now ¬† is an app that I have had on my phone for as long as I can remember, and an awesome nonprofit. They rock it with impact for wildlife by connecting those of us who encounter injured wildlife, or wildlife who could use some human assistance, with wildlife rehabbers. We’ve used the app several times. Recently they have also been getting involved in getting animal torturers charged with animal cruelty charges.

Little Bear Sanctuary is an animal sanctuary/rescue that friends of ours created. We love supporting them and not only their work in saving lives but in spreading the message of cruelty-free living, veganism, and kindness. They are located in Florida.

These three organizations sure would be grateful for a donation to support their work, as would your favorite organizations. Donations of any size support their impact.

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