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Voting in November

The news is filled with stories that make it look like we don’t even need an election in November: the Democrats are going to lose their “very slim” margin in the House and will also lose the Senate. Biden, who is extremely unpopular with everyone, will have even less power his last two years.

I don’t buy any of this BS. It’s definitely not a lost cause.

Remember that I’m not an expert in politics or voting, or really, anything. I do, however, know the power in the vote and the power in get out the vote campaigns.

The Democrats have a chance to keep and grow their presence in the House, and they have a chance to grow their presence in the Senate.

We have to show up. They, the Democrats, have to give us good candidates.

As imperfect as many people in Congress are, the simple fact that the investigation into the January 6th attack will cease if the Republicans win the House is a good enough reason for me to ensure the House stays blue. We are 100% clear in what the Republican party thinks about January 6th, and we need to believe them.

We have a lot working against us, especially with redistricting efforts and laws being passed to make voting more difficult. We know what we’re up against, and it means we have to work harder. We have to support efforts in getting more people to vote, including helping those in our community get to the polls or register to vote.

If you live in Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona or Nevada, take some time to look at the Senate campaign and see if there is a chance for you to help keep or make the seat blue.

Before donating to any national campaign, please consider the chances that person has of winning. Millions were donated to candidates that didn’t have much of a chance in 2020, while those who had a chance needed more cash.

If you’re Independent, Green, or another party, and really do not want to vote for a Democrat, I honestly understand. One day I’ll write something to try to build bridges between all of us. I know there are elected Independents in the federal government, and more are possible. I look forward to Green candidates winning at the federal level.

Thanks for reading.

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