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We are not going to be saved in November

Many of those who are over Donald Trump and the Republican politicians complicit with him and his policies are counting the days to November. Come election day all will be well and the Democrats will take control of the house and senate, along with state governments across the country.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are working on their messaging, solidifying their candidates, and promising their base that they will survive this.

A lot will have to happen in order for them to be wrong. First, we need to have amazing candidates. Second, we need to fund them. And third, we need to vote for them. Super easy, right? Not really.

There is plenty of anti-Trump action going on in any social media platform you look at. It’s easy to post something disagreeing with him or those complicit, calling names or sharing an article. It’s not as easy to get out the vote and to engage with those who might possibly vote Republican in November. Not easy, but possible.

The one reality dose that I hope to bring with this post is that positive results for us in November are a long way from becoming reality. We must vote, and get out the vote.

If you want to wake up on November 7th to something different than what we have today, I urge you to join others who feel the same and take action. Work locally. Find out who is running, up and down the ballot. Donate. Engage. Talk about policy. And please, don’t take anything for granted.

Thanks for reading.

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Gay and vegan in the burbs (of Los Angeles). I blog about veganism, equality, compassion, activism, politics, spirituality, and our awesome life experiences. The "s" includes my husband, Mike! I want this blog to be a tool to build bridges among communities and to inspire people to get involved and vote.

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