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We must take action!

I have been watching videos of protestors being arrested in Portland, OR. Anger and disgust fill me as I watch violence perpetuated against the protestors, in some cases by what I can only call military goons. No ID, no idea who they are. Further reading tells me they are deployed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

The interim head of DHS, with support from 45, responds to requests by the mayor of Portland and the governor of Oregon to get those troops out of Portland by dismissing them. They are there to maintain the peace and stop vandalism he says. Keep in mind that this person was never approved by the Senate, just like the head of ICE and so many others in this administration. He is “acting”.

Meanwhile in Florida a court has said that tens of thousands of formerly incarcerated will not be allowed to vote in an upcoming election. This after voters passed a statewide initiative to allow them to vote.

I’ll say now that I am not in Portland or Florida. I don’t know every thing around these two issues. I also think that I have seen enough to know that the writing is on the wall. We have to stop this corrupt administration. The only way we can do that is to vote in droves in November and not only vote out 45 but also flip the Senate.

You may be thinking that you’re good to go, you’re going to vote and you will blog and tweet and post on Facebook about voting. We need to do more. I need to do more. We need to ensure that everyone knows for a fact that they are good to go to vote in November, that they are still registered, that if they have moved they have changed their registration, etc.

Even if we live in a state where there is not a Senate seat up in November’s (like us), we need to help flip a seat in another state. I have been asking people to pick two states to support the flip and take actions toward that. My two states are Colorado (our home state) and Arizona (our neighbor state). There are others to choose from: Montana, Iowa, Maine, Kentucky, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, New Hampshire, Michigan and North Carolina. There are others, and these I have mentioned are states we have a chance to keep or flip.

We have to take action. Locally, in your state, and of course on the federal level. It is ugly now and I can only imagine how much uglier it will get before the election. Let’s keep our eyes on the prize and do all we can to vote out 45 and flip the Senate. Do all we can to pay attention to local elections where those complicit to the ones we want to vote out are running and work against them.

Something I keep thinking of aside from all of the corruption, hate, dishonesty and violence against our own citizens is something I see on Twitter. Ruth Bader Ginsburg wants to retire from the US Supreme Court. She’s not going to retire until 45 is out. She’s 87.

If you’ve made it this far, thank you. Want to keep up on some of this? Check out Larry Sabato’s Crystal Ball page in regards to the Presidential race and the Senate races. From their page,”Our race ratings are based on a number of factors, including electoral history, polling, candidate quality, modeling, and reporting.”:

Presidential race

Senate races

I also read Electoral frequently, even though it always seems more hopeful. Their information is base don polls. We all know how that can go. Although their current maps for President and Senate look super hopeful, keep polling in mind:

Thank you for reading!


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