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Action alert: Ask your members Congress to oppose the EATS Act

I love engaging with my electeds.

If you need to look up contact information for your two US Senators and one US Representative in the house, click here.

Before I begin, I urge you to take time and do your own research on this. There is a lot out there on the EATS Act. Aside from what I have linked, you can check out recent podcasts from Our Hen House with current information you may find helpful in learning about this.

What pisses me off most about this “Act” is that meat producers and politicians from states like Iowa, who are always shitting on the state of California (where we live), want this “Act” passed (most likely as part of the upcoming Farm Bill) so they can still sell their meat in California without having to abide by our laws.

Laws California voters approved.

Their bigger hope is to simply scrap any chance of ever having animal welfare standards in law.

Here’s your chance to call your member of the House of Representatives and your two Senators.

The EATS Act, “Ending Agricultural Trade Suppression Act”, was written by animal producers in response to continued support of animal welfare laws approved by voters in states like California and Massachusetts.

More pressure is on these folks after the US Supreme Court recently upheld the California ballot initiative Proposition 12 as constitutional, and that California could establish its own rules on meat sold in the state, even if that means that products produced outside of the state must comply with the law.

This means that if you want to sell your pig (and other animal) products in California, you need to adhere to the animal welfare standards approved by voters in California.

Iowa meat producers are outraged by this, although for them the solution is simple: don’t sell your meat in California.

The animal welfare standards we’re talking about are minimal. For example, one is to give pigs in gestation crates just enough room to be able to lie down or turn around. Imagine that!

I apologize if I haven’t made a clear statement against the EATS Act. The Humane League did a much better job, and you can read their article here.

My goal with this post is to get you to call your electeds and ask them to not support the EATS Act, which will most likely be in the next Farm Bill they will vote on this fall.

And to call now. Calls make a difference. The EATS Act is S. 1488 in the US Senate and H.R. 3183 in the US House.

To find your electeds and their phone numbers, click here.

We can make a difference with this. Please take the time.

Go vegan. Vote. Be kind.

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  1. lagomosker says:

    Here is the senate bill: (S 1488) [Appropos and unfortunate numbers indeed]

    Here is the house version: (H.R. 3183)

    Giving the number, some indication you’ve read them, can never hurt.

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