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Getting fit on the cheap

Or staying fit on the cheap!

Listening to a podcast about fitness, I realized that what the guest does to stay fit is not financially possible for everyone.

Don’t let your budget get in your way of getting fit or staying fit.

Gyms can be expensive (but not all of them are). So can yoga lessons, trainers, saunas, etc. For some, the cost can be overwhelming.

And there are ways to stay fit on the cheap.

First, please know that I am not a fitness guru. I’m a 56 year old guy who wants to be healthy and live for many more years. I have found that continual exercise helps, plus I feel good physically and mentally when I keep to exercising.

Here are a few things I do to stay fit without spending a ton of money.

Walk. Everyday. I try for 8,000 steps, which I have heard on podcasts is a good target towards staying healthy. I listen to music or a podcast while walking.

Stretch. Everyday, many times throughout the day.

My gym. I pay $39 a month and that is for me and Mike. Depending on where you live, you may have a ton of choices for a place to work out. Check them out. The things that are important to me about my gym are that it is convenient to go (close to home) and I feel comfortable working out there.

Light weights at home. I picked these up at a yard sale. I got lucky. I use them throughout the week when I can’t make it to my gym. There are all sorts of weights and bands and weighted balls on eBay that can be part of your workout routine. Check them out.

Hiking. We live in an area innundated with hiking trails.

Community. I build community with others trying to stay fit. It definitely helps.

Time is also a factor. For me, I have to make myself go to the gym. Once there, all is good. Just getting there is the battle for me. And I take walks whenever I can, whether it’s in between meetings or at lunch.

I’d love to hear your ideas of staying fit on the cheap.

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