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Photo from Al Jazeera

Ghouta, Syria

You perhaps have not heard of this city. You might even think that the crisis in Syria is over.

The slaughter of innocents continues in Syria. In the last two weeks over 126 people have been killed in Ghouta alone. And the horrible stories of young children being slaughtered happen here.

It’s Syria. So far away. What can one do?

We as activists can spread the word. The president of Syria is ruthless in killing anyone who might try to defy him. And he has Russian military support. There is really no active campaign to stop him, aside from Syrian resistors throughout the country. Very little international pressure.

We can use our special media presence to change that. If you would like to read up on what is going on right now in Syria, I have found the Syrian American Medical Society to be a great source. You can also google “Syria” and get updated articles.

Thank you for reading.

The photo above is from Al Jazeera.

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