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My favorite dish this year

No surprise.

I’ve written about this before, and after another trip to Tijuana for work and to volunteer at the border serving refugees, I simply have to share about this most delicious of dishes.

Yes, the pambazo at Soy Veggie Ruros in Tijuana.

Pambazo is a Mexican dish made with pambazo bread dipped and fried in a red guajillo pepper sauce and filled with potatoes and a vegan meat substitute. I’ve been enjoying the pambazo for a few years, and this most recent trip I realized that this particular pambazo at Soy Veggie Ruros is absolutely my favorite food right now.

It’s packed with so many flavors that it’s difficult to keep track of what I’m actually enjoying. Each bite is a delight, and gets me even more excited for the next one!

We all have our favorites. Now you know mine. If you ever have a chance to go to Tijuana definitely try a pambazo at Soy Veggie Ruros. It’s a 15 minute Uber from the San Ysidro border crossing. And if you have time in Tijuana, check out my Tijuana post for other awesome vegan and vegan-friendly spots in Tijuana. You can also do a search on Happy Cow ( for a great, updated list of places to eat.

Thanks for reading!

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