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“NYC Vegan” cookbook review

Before I begin I’d like to give those of you new to The Gay Vegans blog a friendly reminder that I am not a professional book reviewer. I hardly ever will review a cookbook, in fact this is only the second one in six years of having my blog. I write this not to lower your expectations for what you are about to read but to put a spotlight on this specific cookbook, one I am ecstatic to still be exploring.

“NYC Vegan” is full of recipes that make me salivate while turning the pages. Before agreeing to support the book’s blog tour, Mike and I had already pre-ordered copies and were super excited when our copy came. We wanted the cookbook because we have been following Michael and Ethan on social media for years, paying special attention to all of the amazing food they would share. Another reason we wanted the cookbook was because Michael and Ethan are two of the most compassionate people we know, and we have been fortunate to have spent a little time with them. We knew their new cookbook would be a great addition to anyone who includes compassion while cooking.

“NYC Vegan” brings me to New York City. It also brings me into the lives of Michael and Ethan, which is awesome. I love the personal notes from them that are scattered throughout the book. With these and the little bit I know about them, I all of a sudden had a list of the recipes I wanted to try.

It won’t be a surprise to anyone who knows me that of all of the recipes in the book I chose the Diner-Style pancakes to try first. I am a pancake guy. Recipes on my list to try next are the Lasagna, the Shepherdless Pie and the Colcannon. I loved reading the Colcannon recipe! I’m Irish and have never heard about it. Reading through the cookbook I learned so many other things, always a treat.

Important factors about a cookbook that I would promote to friends and family include the ingredients (would I already have them in the house and/or are they easy to find) as well the ease of the recipe. Most times I just want to make a meal so it has to be easy, and easy for me means really easy.

The Diner-Style Pancakes in “NYC Vegan” meet both of these factors. We had all of the ingredients and I think most of you will have them. The recipe was easy to follow and I never felt that I was lost or couldn’t understand something. The last thing you want to feel when trying a new recipe is stupid.

Before I knew it, I was handing Mike a plate of pancakes. I added blueberries, which is usual for me and pancakes. They were delicious and I will try their suggested additions of chocolate chips, strawberries or bananas in the weekends to come.

Aside from the recipes, the layout of the book, the photography and the information on culinary New York City all added to why I love this book. “NYC Vegan” provides an escape to the flavors and cuisines of New York City.

I will keep you posted as I try more of the recipes in “NYC Vegan”. If you’re up to try something new and you will take the time to try these amazing recipes, order a copy of “NYC Vegan” and let me know which recipes you try. If you would like to buy a copy of “NYC Vegan” click here:

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Karen D says:

    What a wonderfully generous offer! Fortunately, I won a copy so I won’t need to take you up on it. Yeah, I’m truly THAT broke. 🙁

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