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Restaurant review – Grey & Cash

I love writing about Monrovia spots, and this one is extra special to me as it’s one I frequent and have loved watching grow and add more vegan items.


Grey & Cash is in the Old Towne Monrovia area of Monrovia, right on Myrtle Avenue. If you’re coming from east or west, it’s just a mile north of the 210.


I love this place. Delicious vegan food. Incredibly kind and friendly staff. Delicious coffee. And on top of all of that I really appreciate how the owner is constantly experimenting for the next vegan item.


My current favorite is the jack fruit burrito. One of two vegan burritos offered, I order this every time I’m there to eat, and after having had it dozens of times, it still never gets old. If you visit and you’re hungry, try it.


If you’re not so hungry, they have vegan bagels with cream cheese and chocolate chip cookies. Homemade chocolate chip cookies.


Want to try a new coffee drink? Mike loves the James Brown. Pretty sweet. Hot or cold.


The hospitality is wonderful. Refreshing actually. And if you work from coffee houses, the wi-fi is always perfect.


Grey & Cash is a great part of our neighborhood, and is so good that’s it’s worth a trip even if you don’t live in Monrovia.


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