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Three tips to lower your grocery bill

Groceries are expensive. I hope this post can be helpful in lowering your weekly bill.

As I am vegan and this is a vegan blog, these tips are for those who purchase vegan products.

Let’s get to it!

First, and not fun if you really like these products, is to cut the processed foods out of your menu as much as possible. Companies that sell these products have increaed their prices substantially in the last two years, and I’m not convinced workers are benfitting from the price increases. Leave them off of your grocery list to the extent possible and you will see an immediate savings.

Next is to purchase items on sale and forgo the more expensive ones when not on sale. My example is vegan cheese. My two favorite cheese shreds have increased in price so I only buy them on sale. I’ll bulk buy as much as I can without missing an expire date. You can especially do this with frozen foods. I see frozen veggies on sale a lot!

Lastly, check out discount grocery stores. In southern California there’s a chain called Grocery Outlet. Love them! They have butter for half what you find it at other markets and many times they have chikn nuggets or some processed food like that for $1.99. Whenever I go I stock up on frozen items. The only down side is that they always are getting different items on sales so you may not see your new favorite item the next time you shop.

I have a few more but want to keep this short, and at three. I really hope this was helpful. Vegan cooking/eating/shopping does not have to be expensive. Just spend a little time strategizing and you will have the chance to save a lot.

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Go vegan. Vote. Be kind.

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