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Vote no in the California recall

September 14th is a big day here in California. It’s the date of the recall election against our governor, Gavin Newsom. We already have received our mail-in ballots. Early in-person voting begins today!

I write a lot about voting, about registering to vote, and the importance of voting. Please vote in this election. The only way the supporters of the past president and of the Capitol riots win this is if Democrats in California don’t vote. As it often does, it comes down to getting out the vote.

Before the pandemic, Republicans in California and their allies around the country began a recall campaign on our governor, Gavin Newsom (mentioning this so you know it had nothing to do with the pandemic). To be honest, I’m not sure why. The governor would be up for re-election next year. Oh, wait. We know why. They will always do everything they can to maintain power.

This recall is a one and done event. Question to vote on the recall or not. Question two is who takes over if more people vote yes. The list of republicans on the list of potential new governors is filled with people who love the past president, who lost in California by a ratio of 2:1. The leading contender has nothing in common with most Californians who support women, immigrants, LGBTQ communities, efforts to fight climate change, etc. You get the idea.

I don’t know a lot about Gavin Newsom. If you listen to the dozens running against him in the recall, he is the worst of the worst. For us, that’s not the case. Could he be better or have made better decisions? Sure. Has he done anything close to deserving to be recalled? No way. (Note: The recall is costing more than $200 million. Of our money.

Please help us spread the word to get the vote out. We need to vote in droves just like we did in the Presidential election last year.

And when voting, after you vote no, you’re finished. Don’t mark a circle for any of the candidates. People smarter than me have made the case for this, and apparently this even affected the results in the voting for the last recall. So just vote no and you’re done.

We love California. It’s been six years since we moved from the Denver area to just east of Pasadena, and aside from missing friends and families and have happily settled here. Other have left California, which the recallers all blame on Newsom. Nothing is that simple of course. California is home. We do not want the same state leadership like you see in states like Florida and Texas. Please vote no and help get the vote out.

For voting information, or to register to vote in California: click here.

Thanks for reading!

P.S. Don’t live in California? You can still help by spreading the word to vote and supporting the no campaign. Californians have helped with time and treasure in campaigns all over the country. Now, we need you.



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