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Vote with your dollars

I’m ecstatic to be at Expo West in Anaheim, CA, what I think is the largest natural foods conference in the world. It’s only Day 1 and I am already tired!

I have heard from many of our readers that they vote with their dollars. I am keeping that in mind while I meet with reps from companies that Mike and I support, and that many of our readers support. I’m asking about ideas that are important to us, like trans-friendly hiring practices, non-discrimination policies that include gender identity, philanthropic giving, living wages, etc. What do you consider when voting with your dollars? What is important to you in regards to ideas and policies from companies whose products you purchase?

With so many attendees here who own their own businesses or are part of this industry, it’s great to be speaking from the perspective of the consumer.

If you’re vegan and have a favorite vegan item you buy, let me know the company and I will check in with them.

More to come. I am using our Twitter feed (@thegayvgeans) most often if you’d like to see what I am up to while at Expo West.

Thanks for reading!

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